Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday's Hottie is a little bit different

Monday again already?
We're less than a week away from Christmas and we're into that time of year best known for conspicuous consumption. You can't escape it. There's cookery shows all over the place, aimed at helping you prepare the Best Christmas Feast Ever.

In the spirit of the season, today's Hottie is the utterly adorable Adam Richman. He's the host of 'Man versus Food'. The lovely Adam visits restaurants and pretty much sets himself the challenge of eating a restaurant's Biggest or Spiciest dish. How this man is not the size of a small country or hasn't had a stomach transplant is beyond me. I love watching him. He's incredibly funny and adorable and if I wasn't married, he'd be the type of man I'd want to take home to meet my parents.

So, today, I present the cuddly, charming, hilarious...Adam Richman.

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