Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cover Love

It was a very happy day for me when Total E Bound accepted 'Stolen Summer' for publication. It was an equally happy day when they picked up 'Orion Rising'. I love the cover for 'Stolen Summer' and I had high hopes for Orion's cover. I received the artwork today and I am so deliriously thrilled with it that I can't stop looking at it. Emmy Ellis, the artist and head of TEB's Art Department has done an amazing job. The characters are more or less as I'd imagined them and the cover really captures the 'essence' of the story. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you've probably already seen it but, hell, this cover is so gorgeous I have to share it far and wide.

Days like this are the best bits about being a writer, when the cover fits the story so beautifully.

Thanks, Emmy!

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  1. Oh my... it's beautiful!!
    I love it!! Eek! I'm excited to have it so I can stare at it too. lol...