Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, new life.

I'll say it right here and right now, I loathe New Year stuff. I have no resolve therefore I don't make resolutions. I can't drink more than a couple of glasses of wine or champagne without getting a thumping headache. I can't stay up much past 10.30 most nights. So, I don't do New Year.

However, there's one thing I don't think anyone can avoid at this time of year and that's reflection. New Year's Day is one of those fixed points in time where I just can't help looking back and thinking...'this time last year..' and wondering 'where the hell will I be this time next year?'.

So, here I am, literally thousands of miles away from where I was this time last year. 2010 was a year of upheaval for me and my family. After 8 years in Arizona, the rug was snatched from under our feet and we had no choice but to walk away from everything we'd built up over those years. I'm not going to dwell on that because it's done and dusted. We can't do anything about it, we have to move on. Move on, we did. I'm writing this from the living room of a 250 year old cottage in one of the loveliest villages in Wiltshire. We love this house. No, it's not ours, we rent it but we love it nonetheless. It's a cozy refuge that we found at the end of a turbulent year.

So that's the rambling, blathery bit over with. I think I'm supposed to write what I intend to do this year, which I won't because I don't trust life to go in a straight line any more. Instead, I'm just going to post a list. To those of you who find your way to this blog, feel free to add a list of your own. At the very least, just sign in and say 'hello'. Statcounter is a Big Tease, I see that I've visitors from all over the place. Just make yourself known, satisfy my curiosity. I don't bite...much.

Anyway, *harummph* ... my list:

1. My family, here and in the US. You are my anchor and my solid ground. Thank you;
2. My friends, both real life and online. You have all been incredible and restored my faith in humanity. In no particular order: My Purgies, My Pervies, My Purple Place pals. Extra special love to: Louise, Scarlett, Becky, Gretchen, Amy, Lisa (California), Joyce, Lisa B, Lisa C, Cath, Alice, Kimmi, Cindy, Richard B., Jess, Deb, Deborah, Dys, Sirayn and know who you are.
3. Four seasons a year.
4. Writing. It's what I do. I can't help it. I love it and I hope I never run out of words.
5. Music. It's fuel for my imagination.
6. Good television, at long last: Being Human; Downton Abbey; BBC News; Doctor Who.
7. Eye Candy. Richard Armitage; Aidan Turner; David Tennant. If any of you are available when my books are adapted for film/TV, let me know. :D

Right, I'll stop here otherwise you'll all find out what my favorite cheese, chocolate, cuisine, coffee, etc. are. You really don't need to know that.'s to 2011, may it suck less than 2010. :D