Sunday, September 14, 2014

Smut for Sommer_My Sunday Snog

My fellow erotic romance author Victoria Blisse has been a very busy woman. Apart from writing scorching romances, promoting her fellow authors and bringing smut to a wider audience, she's also taken the time to organise today's very special event. Sommer Marsden is an incredibly talented and prolific author. Not only that, she's a remarkably strong and kind woman. She and her family are currently having to deal with her husband's fight with pancreatic cancer. Because they live in the US, they don't have the luxury of free healthcare. Every treatment, every scan, every drug, every piece of gauze or Q-tip costs something. Health insurance doesn't cover everything and, sometimes, doesn't pay at all. If I lived in Sommer's neck of the woods, I'd be bringing casseroles round, leaving bottles of wine on her doorstep, maybe even mowing the lawn. But I am sitting uselessly on the wrong side of the Atlantic and can offer little more than virtual hugs and words. So, when Victoria organised today's event, I was glad to be able to do something. Along with 52 other authors, I'm posting a snog scene from one of my books.

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My snog is from my gay historical romance Tournament of Shadows.

“Will you walk with me?” he asked.
I managed a nod and fell into step beside him as he pushed through the crowds.
After a few moments, we found ourselves on a quiet street. Yakolev glanced over his shoulder, then steered me into a narrow, shadowed passageway.
“Hush. Don’t worry, I’m not going to murder you.” He backed me to the wall. “I just want to sample the wares before I make my final decision.
Before I could speak, he curled his fingers into my hair and pressed his lips to mine, devouring me with a hungry kiss.
I could do nothing but respond, winding my arms around his waist and pulling him closer. His arousal was evident, matching mine. Never before had I responded so readily to a man’s touch. Never had I been so desperate for it.
A rooster’s late call broke us apart. Yakolev stepped back, chest rising and falling like bellows. He reached out and brushed the hair from my forehead with a tender hand, then grinned.
My lips felt bruised and swollen. “Well?”
“You have my word. When I see the Emir tomorrow, I will suggest that to save him the burden of having two Englishmen and the danger that their countrymen could send an army to free them, I will take them and place them in a Russian gaol because the British would never attack us. It’s the best I could come up with. Of course, if he accedes to the request, I will deliver them to you at a pre-arranged meeting point, far away from here. Will that suit?”
I wanted him to kiss me. “Yes. It’s a very reasonable plan.”
“I’m glad you think so.” He brushed his lips over mine. “Assuming he doesn’t throw me in the dungeon, meet me at the tea house tomorrow night, so I can collect my payment.”
I was grateful that the robe hid my obvious desire. “Yes. I can do that. Thank you.”
“No, thank you. The thought of what I can do to you will get me through a very difficult appointment. I will just think of how much I want you, how much I have to look forward to.”
“Then let’s hope the Emir is in a good humour.” I ran my forefinger in a straight line from his throat to his groin, earning a fevered gasp for my sins.
Yakolev caught my hand and raised it to his cheek, before turning to kiss my palm. “I’ll make sure that he is and I’ll make sure that I leave that place in one piece.”
“See that you do.”
He released me with a sigh. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
We slipped out of the passageway and onto the quiet street. Yakolev raised a hand in farewell. “I’ll see you tomorrow evening at dusk. You’d best get as much rest as you can.” He winked, turned then walked away. I took a deep breath and headed in the opposite direction, wondering how I could get rid of my erection before I returned to Akmal’s house.