Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday already?

Where does the time go? I've been buried in NaNo frenzy this week, my first NaNoWriMo for a couple of years. I'm cheating ever so slightly in that I'm using it as a kick in the arse to get the latest story written. It's working. I've been clearing 2,000 words a day and I may even have a decent first draft by the end of the month.

Sadly, because it's set in the mid 19th century and because my two protagonists, Marcus and Jacob have to survive a prolonged siege in the Red Fort at Agra and then have to hide their feelings for each other back in England, there isn't much snark.

So, I've salvaged this from a trunked novel. The two characters eventually reappeared in 'Mourning Jack' which I did finish.

For some reason, I just love writing chef characters.

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I put my arm around Ian and he settled against me, resting his head on my shoulder. I loved the warmth of him, the scent of him, the softness of his hair beneath my cheek. “I’m sure I’ll love the pheasant. It’s fine with me as long as I haven’t got to pluck it.”

“I skinned it and I picked out the shot, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your teeth.”

“Thank Christ for that. I like a chef takes the trouble to deal with the small things, like peoples’ teeth.”

“I aim to please.”


  1. lol.I love chefs myself..the snarkier the better. Maybe that why I like Gordan Ramsey...even though my husband says he's an ass. Great snark. Every chef should aim to please.

  2. Love it! Thanks for joining in once again! :-)