Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday's Hottie

It's one of those cold, grey November days, the kind of day where I'd like to curl up in front of a proper fireplace with a good book, nice music and a box of expensive Belgian chocolates. Instead, I'm writing, there's no fireplace in this house and I'm buggered if I'm spending a fortune on the aforementioned chocolate.

I need to kick some life into this blog so I've decided that Mondays will be devoted to eye-candy from now on...if I remember. I need visual inspiration when I'm creating characters and I've a file full of Very Nice Pictures. This week's inspiration comes in the breathtaking form of Santiago Cabrera. He's a Chilean actor who, most recently, played Lancelot in the BBC production of Merlin. Apparently he was in 'Heroes' too, although I never watched that. Anyway, my contribution to brightening up your Monday is this picture.

Who wouldn't want such a knight to rescue you from your dragons or demons?


  1. I approve of your Monday's Hottie blog :).

  2. I approve! Also, I think I do remember him from Heroes. Merlin is a fun show - I definitely need to catch up! :)

  3. Sure he played the part of Lancelot in my favourite Sat programme:- Merlin,in fact I actually dreamnt about him Sat night, one of
    the best sat nights ever!!!!

  4. I'm all for this kind of tradition, though I've yet to see Merlin or Heroes. I'm usually about three years behind the latest trends.