Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Snark

Good week for me. There'll be more on that soon. Let's just say I'm a happy writer bunny and leave it at that for now. :D

Plus, something wonderful arrived yesterday. The print copies of 'Stolen Summer'. I am certain that the poor woman who delivered the package thinks I'm madder than a box full of frogs because I just started grinning and didn't stop. Opening the box and actually holding a copy in my hand for the first time was just magical. I actually picked them all up and hugged them. Oh yes I did because ... well ... it was a bloody marvelous moment.

Today's snarkage, again, is from a novel which is going nowhere because bits of it have gone somewhere else. There's just sod all snark in the historical I'm writing at the moment!

So, campers, don't forget to check out Marie Sexton's blog for a cornucopia of Saturday Snarkage :)


The silence was broken by the thunk of a wheelbarrow in the yard.

“What was that?” Iain kissed the corner of my mouth.

“Valeria. She’s come to see to her horse.”

“The Russian girl? I want to see.” He retrieved his jeans and fastened his shirt.

“Don’t let her see you, for fuck’s sake. She may want coffee or something.” I found my jeans and straightened my jumper.

Iain lifted the blind and peered beneath it. “I bet that blonde isn’t natural. She should’ve done her roots for Christmas.”


  1. Getting a hard copy to pet is great! All mine are electrons and not very cuddly.

  2. So, gotta ask - is it Valerie or Val-er-i-ah? My sis is the former, spelled Valeria because my mama's an up-north redneck!

  3. It's 'Val-er-i-ah' - a Russian name. :)

    PD, I never thought I'd see the day that I'd get to hold a book of my own in my hands. It really was a surreal moment.