Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Victorian Snark

This week I finished the first draft of my m/m historical (the first in a series) and jumped almost immediately into the second. I figured I may as well write while the mood is with me. This little excerpt is from this second book, a bit of gentle Victorian snark. In this snippet Joshua's Uncle Jacob and his long time companion, the Captain are visiting.

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Uncle Jacob peered through the sitting room window. “So that’s the artist then?”

I glanced past him at the figure perched on a stool at the far end of the paddock. Wyndham held a sketchbook and stared at the house. “Yes, that’s him.”

“Is he any good?”

“Uncle, you hired him.”

He chuckled. “Heh, so I did.”

The Captain, shook his head. “You’re getting absent-minded in your old age, Jacob.”

“You’re a fine one to talk.” Jacob returned to his seat. “You poured salt into your tea this morning.”


  1. Thanks for posting that one. It's great!

  2. Yeah, the "salt in tea" bit definitely made me want to gag. (My cat licked a slice of lemon once - I think it must be pretty close to that kind of "Ew! What the HELL is THAT?!" kind of reaction, heh ;))

    Also, my inbox is patiently awaiting that aforementioned draft! :D