Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Saturday Snarkage

I can't believe it's Saturday again. I've been out and about on this lovely Autumn morning, stocking up on fruit and veg from the market and enjoying the drive back over the Downs, which are gorgeous on a day like this. I intend to procrastinate for the rest of the day and try to resist the call of the fruit sherbets I bought from the supermarket.

But, enough of the travelogue, this week's snark is a wee snippet from 'Stolen Summer' which comes out in proper, solid book form on Monday. I have to wait a few weeks for the author's copies and I will take photos because it'll be a happy moment for me. There will be a giveaway so watch this space.

Don't forget to check out Marie Sexton's blog for more snark from other writers!
In the meantime, here's Colin and Evan in bed, talking.


I sometimes wondered what I’d done to deserve Colin. This was one of those times. I felt like crying. Instead, I took a deep breath, wrapped my arm around his waist and closed my eyes. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I spoil you rotten and you know it.”

“I’m a better cook than you.”

“Jeesh, one roast beef dinner and you think you’re Gordon bloody Ramsay.”


  1. LOL - I love Gordan Ramsey!I'll definitely be going to Colin's and Ethan's for the food. Great snark!

  2. Snort! Very snarky!