Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Teaser - An unexpected arrival

Meh, while everyone here is getting all excited at the prospect of weedy, crepey pancakes for tea, I'm making a nice curry and posting another snippet from the WIP. I couldn't think of anything Shrove Tuesday related so no pancakes or Mardi Gras beads in this scene.


A sharp gust hurled a whirlwind of leaves across the track. The horse snorted and planted his feet. His ears shot forward and he lifted his head as a carriage rattled up the hill. The horses raced the gale, harnesses rattling. The driver was hunched miserably on his seat. He turned the carriage down the drive and slowed the animals. I nudged my horse forward and trotted after the vehicle, wondering who’d be foolish enough to pay a call on such a day.

The carriage eased to a stop in front of the steps. I reined in my horse and dismounted, holding on to the soaked, slippery leather while the driver climbed down from his perch and opened the door.

Something inside slipped sideways when Daniel stepped from the carriage. He grabbed a small bag and glanced up. We stared at each other for a long moment. The rain ceased to matter, the wind receded to a murmuring breeze. My fingers tightened on the reins.


Only the arrival of both the groom and Winters prevented me from letting my horse go while I ran toward him. Instead, I handed the reins to the groom and instructed Winters to take the coach driver around to the kitchen for a decent meal and something hot to drink. Only then did I walk toward Daniel, aware only of the crunch of my feet on the gravel and of Daniel standing there, watching me while he clutched his bag.

He looked at me with misery in his eyes, enough unhappiness to halt my progress. His shoulders slumped and he dropped the bag on the ground. “I’ve lost everything,” he whispered. “I have nothing left but you.”


  1. Oooh.

    New favorite phrase: something inside me slipped sideways.

    I love this. Is this sn endersley story?

  2. This is really well drawn. I can see it all in my head. As well as hear it, and feel it. Nice.

  3. I think Daniel needs a hug. Love all your vivid details in this and how your writing totally sets the mood. Looking forward to reading more. :)