Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From the WIP

Don't mind me, I'm just occupying some blog space after writing all day.
This snippet is from the current work-in-progress.


I tucked the letter in my pocket and addressed the tissue wrapped rectangle, removing the covering carefully. The portrait, no bigger than a piece of foolscap, was mounted on a stout piece of card and signed. I looked at it for a long time, lost in the memories it stirred.

Daniel sat on a chair, holding the sketchbook to one side while he stared directly at the mirror with a naked unflinching gaze. The swift strokes of charcoal created a rendering so poised and lifelike I ached to touch him, willing it to life, wishing he was there. He’d left nothing hidden, including his cock, pale against a smudge of charcoal.

I set the portrait down and closed my eyes, ashamed of my body’s reaction to the portrait, afraid of how much I missed him.

*Sketch is 'Seated Male Nude (Michael)by David Warren