Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Sunday Snippet

I haven't signed up for 'Six Sentence Sunday' but I thought I'd post a tiny bit from the WIP.

It's a cold, misty day here so it's ideal for writing.


“Allow me.” Wyndham took the recalcitrant tie and placed it carefully beneath my collar, before tying the appropriate knot.

I let my fingers work it out. “That feels right. Thank you.” I looked at him, wondering why he hadn’t moved away, why he was silent while he looked at me.

Wyndham leaned forward, his finger tucked beneath my chin. His breath was warm on my lips, his hand gentle on my skin. He drew close and kissed me. This was no stolen, cheeky kiss. He sighed between my parted lips and curled his hand around my neck, fingers whispering on the collar he’d just straightened. I rested my hands on his shoulders and let myself be led. He left me dizzy and breathless.

Wyndham’s hand fell away. He took a step back. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“There’s no need to apologise.” The room was cold once more.

“There’s every need to apologise. I took a liberty I had no right to take.” Wyndham turned away and closed the sketchbook. “It might be best if you left now.”

His regret hung in the air. I wished that he’d turn around. Instead, Wyndham stared resolutely at the rain, arms wrapped around the sketchbook.

I took a deep breath. “I’d apologise but I’m not sure what I’d be apologising for. I bid you good day, sir.” I left the room with as much dignity as I could muster at short notice. Once I reached the gloom of the hall, I pressed my forehead and palms to the wall and wondered what I’d done wrong.

It was no surprise when Winters later informed me that Wyndham would be taking a light meal in his room that evening.


  1. Sluggie, if I didn't know any better, I'd say I'd manage to bring you over to the dark side. :D

    1. The only way Blogger will let me comment this morning is by replying.

      Loved your snippet! Lovely!

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. thanks for stopping by, Carol!

  2. This is good! What larger work is it a part of that you have going?

    1. Hi, yes, it's a scene from a book I'm writing. It's the second in a series. This one is set in Wiltshire in 1890.
      I'm glad you like it.
      Thank you.

  3. Yay for new writing! I'm already looking forward to reading the whole thing. <3