Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never can say goodbye - letting go of your darlings

I just tweeted about this and thought...hmmmmm I can blog about this, can't I?

The WIP that has occupied the empty bits of my brain for the past four weeks is drawing to a close. I'm excited that the end is nigh because I didn't get lost in a mid-book slump and because I have a wonderfully angsty, romantic ending in mind. I loves my emotional stuff, oh yes I do.

That's a good thing, right?

Well, yeah but *sniffs* I love Evan and Colin. I've loved shaping their lives for them, putting them through tough times, letting them enjoy themselves (rather rudely) when the occasion arose. Now, I have to give them an ending, let them get on with their lives without me telling everyone about it. I need to leave them alone.

I hate this bit, sometimes. Now I can understand why some writers want to keep their characters around, make up shiny new adventures for them. I can't do that with these two, it's just one story, theirs, and it's nearly done and dusted. Now my writer's feet are dragging because I don't want to let them go. I know I'll be visiting with them many times again as I tidy up what is bound to be a very messy first draft, but it's not the same, dammit. It's like going back to visit someone you once adored and finding out that they pick their nose, fart, leave the toilet seat up just like other mortals.

Still, I will pony up, fix the messes, make the story shine and try and find a home for it.

I'll miss them.

So, my question for writers is: Do you miss your darlings when you've typed 'The End'?


  1. I definitely miss my characters as I finish things up. More than I like to admit!

  2. I definitely miss my characters! This summer I had to take a little bit of a break from my hero and heroine -- dealing with something in real life I can't remember right now! -- and every once in a while I'd think, "Wonder what Shelby and Ryan are doing?" LOL As if they were on vacation, and I couldn't wait to see the pics when they got back. LOL

  3. By you reach the end they do feel like living, breathing people - don't they? Yes, I miss my characters. I weep when I kill them off. I laugh when they do something klutzy. I am dragging my feet on the end of my WIP right now too. I feel like I have to give the characters an ending they deserve, not just one that is convenient. In my case there is a difference. Endings are important. I hate coming to the end of a book and feeling like the writer just gave up. Best of luck to you as you part from your darlings.

  4. Oh boy - I'm such the opposite. Usually by the time a book is done I'm so sick of my characters that I never want to think about them again. heh

    Wanna switch genres? It's almost expected in mine (YA and UF) that I can come up with sequels if asked. *shudders* No no no.... ;-)