Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teaser Tuesday - A mooshy bit.

This is probably going to be the last teaser from 'Empty Places'. It's now gone into pre-revision limbo while I get the new WIP out of my system.

In this bit, Ellie and Duncan have got 'married' at the suggestion of Elder Obidiah, who believes that Ellie would be safe if she was with Duncan. Most of the chapter is ... um ... rather naughty. This is a little 'morning after' snippet.


It took a moment or two for Ellie to work out where she was. Early morning sunlight slipped through a gap in the curtains and fell across the bed. Duncan slept, curled up around her, his hand on her breast, one leg thrown over hers. She shifted, edging closer in the chill left by the rain. He mumbled in his sleep, his fingers brushed her nipple. Ellie bit her lip, feeling desire stir inside her. After her disastrous debut, she soon found her rhythm and learned what turned Duncan on. His inventiveness left her boneless and exhausted. After years of straightforward, good, old-fashioned marital sex, Duncan was an adventure. She blushed at the memories and wanted more. Ellie turned slowly in his arms and looked at him. The quilt had fallen back, revealing skin flushed with gold by the sunlight. His long eyelashes left crescent shadows on his cheeks. She touched his lips in wonder and his chin, the morning stubble rough beneath her fingers. He was beautiful and Ellie couldn’t believe that she was there and that his arms were around her.

Duncan stirred in his sleep. Ellie watched his eyelids flicker and waited. He smiled when his eyes found hers. “Hello.” He whispered.


He curled his hand around her fingers and kissed them. “Did you sleep all right?”

“Yes and you?”

He grinned. “Never better.”

Something inside Ellie turned slowly. Duncan’s eyes were amber in the light. Thoughts she couldn’t read moved through them. Words she wanted to say were caught in her throat. “Good.”

“It’s been a long time since I woke up wanting someone.” His voice was quiet. “The way I want you.”

“You do?”

“Oh yes.” He kissed her palm and then his lips moved to her wrist, lingering there.

Ellie quivered.

“You’re beautiful, Ellie.” He took his face in her hands and kissed her – a slow burning kiss, like a sleeping fire.

She wanted to weep, instead, she kissed him back, curling her fingers into his hair.

“The Prophet said you had to look after me, Ellie.” He smiled against her lips.


“Will you?” His hands moved over her, light, like water. His muscles rippled under her fingers and he sighed against her throat.

“Yes.” Ellie rose to his touch.

“Good.” He whispered. “Because I intend to look after you.


  1. Aw, I love this. I'm really getting to know these characters. I love the good old fashioned marital sex description and I love "sleeping fire." I am really feeling their connection. It's sweet and understated and perfect. Your descriptions really give such an intensely personal description into their lives. Great job and can't wait to read more.

  2. Very nice! Love the "sleeping fire" description.

  3. That was a great!!! You have to give us a little more.
    Anita Mann

  4. Um, this is your idea of suckage? Seriously? Woman, I am going to have to HURT you.

    This is amazingly good. Poignant and sexy and with all of your amazing skill at describing emotional connections.

  5. Ha! No, not this scene. The sucky one is in the WIP. I did think about posting that but, I have to de-suckify it first!

    Thanks for your lovely comments, peeps. They cheer me up no end!

  6. Wow. I felt their desire. Good stuff! I like the martial sex comment, too.

  7. Ooh, sexy, tender blackmail. Very nice! You know, this really reminds me of a Laura Kinsale book. You have amazing ability to pack emotion into a small space and have exactly the level of description I love.

    Nice job!

  8. Thanks peeps! There's a lot of work to do on this one, yet.
    Hope...Laura Kinsale...I'm humbled! Thank you!

  9. HOT SMOOCH! Love it! So tender and sexy, all at once. And I also love the "sleeping fire" line.

    *fans self*

  10. You NAUGHTY GIRL... Great morning after scene. The thoughts of Ellie are perfect for this. Love it!!!