Friday, April 5, 2019

I have a problem.
I love cuddly toys. I mean really love them.

Over the years I seem to have collected several boxes full of them. And I’ve held on to the ones my son had when he was young. They all have names. They all have memories attached to them. There’s Bill, the Pitt Panther. He was given to me by my first boyfriend way back when. There’s Misha, the mascot for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Blue is the teddy bear I rescued from a jumble sale, and Manabar, a donkey my late husband named after a useless (but lovable) race horse in the yard he once worked in. Hen Wen is the pig won at a fair ground in Toronto. Yes, they all have their stories. And one of these days, I’ll rescue them all from their box-bound limbo and they’ll see daylight again.

So, my question to you is: Do you have a favourite cuddly toy? Tell me their story below and you could win a book from my backlist, or a 10% discount on a full edit. Details here.

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  1. I always loved wooden blocks and teddy bears

  2. I've actually started a new collection of stuffed animals and I've always had my favorite old one (a koala) out where I can see it (and hug it).

  3. I didn't collect toys as a kid though now an adult I do like to collect cute stuff and soft things like bags, lead pencils, blankets and plushes.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  4. I had a stuffed dog named Sparkle when I was very young. Now I have a real fur baby to cuddle. :-)

  5. My favourite cuddly toy was a teddy bear called Ramón. It was a really cheap one, I got it in a fair, but it soon became my favourite. I guess it was so cheap and sad looking, I wanted to protect him.

  6. One of my favorites was a big stuffed rabbit my grandmother got me. Her name was Little Bunny Foo-Foo (yes, named for the nursery rhyme).