Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop Interview with Erin Lark

Welcome to a stop on the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop, where we’re showcasing erotica and erotic romance authors from the Absolute Write forums. Each day, interviews will be posted, and when it’s all said and done, some lucky commenter will win a huge prize!  Click here for the entire blog schedule and details about the contents of the prize, and how to win an armload of ebooks, a $25 Amazon gift card, and more.

Today, I'm chatting with the multi-talented Erin Lark , who I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with over on the Absolute Write Forums. Not only is she an extremely productive writer but she also does amazing cover art.

What draws you to romance?
I think my stories have always had some piece of romance in them. I’m not entirely sure as to why I write it. Maybe it’s that first kiss, or the very first touch of fingertips to flesh. All I do know is a story that has romance in it (even if it’s just sweet romance) feels better to me than one without.
What’s the best part of publishing your book, from start to finish?
Watching it go from being an idea that I’ve slaved over for months to something a person can read on their screen. It never ceases to amaze me just how different my first drafts are when compared to the final product. I’m not just talking about what I have out with publishers either. Even my own publications take on a transformation that is in no way similar to the plot I originally had in mind.
What’s the worst part?
The worst part of publishing can sometimes change on a day to day basis. Working on deadline, while exciting, can also be stressful as hell. But like most things you need to work hard for, it’s almost always worth the anxiety and restless nights once the book is out.
What do you think is sexy?
Eyes. I don’t care how someone looks like, so long as I can stare at their eyes. I have a thing for abstract art, and the iris of every eye is different. You have the usually lines and waves of color, as well as flecks.
However, when it comes to my husband, seeing him in a button shirt is more than sexy enough for me. *swoons*
How often do you Google yourself?
Maybe every other week? I know I usually Google myself a week or so after a new release to check up on blogs and reviews. I try not to do it too often though.
Do you read reviews of your book?
Yes, but before I do, I distance myself from my work. The whole purpose of looking at reviews for me isn’t to boost my ego but rather to see what problem areas I may have that I can work on in my next book.
I think I’m fortunate because I can look at a review and, so long as I prepare myself, I can look at it subjectively instead of personally. I have gotten a few emailed to me though that were unexpected.
What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?
Character development. I try very hard to change every single one of the characters from start to finish. Like adding sexual tension and romance, chipping away at a character’s personality is a must when it comes to writing erotic romance. In most cases, this happens naturally, but there were a few books such as the one I just released where I really had to work on to get everything right.
When you're not writing, what do you do for fun?
I’m a two-track mind. If I’m not writing, thinking of writing or something similar, I’m working on cover art. And if I’m not doing either of those, I’ll go for a nice walk with the hubby or play a video game such as Allods Online or Darksiders 2.
How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?
Took the hubby and I out to dinner at Uno’s J
Can you tell us a little about your latest release?
Nowhere to Run is close to my heart. Simon is essentially a survivor of sexual abuse, but for the last six years, in order to keep himself and his family safe, he’s changed his identity and hasn’t spoken to his family at all. Not even his sister. He struggles with personal identity, and whenever he thinks of his old name and the life connected to it, he can only remember the abuse and not the fond memories he once had with his family back home.
This piece was heartbreaking to write. It has triggers in it that I had to be careful of writing since I’m also a survivor. But, with a lot of support from the folks on Absolute Write along with my husband, I was able to finish it and get it published.
How did you get into cover design? What do you love best about it?
Cover design completely happened by mistake. Back when I was writing my middle grade series on Kind Arthur and Merlin, I was having a very hard time finding a cover artist who did work in that genre or who was affordable enough for me at the time.
So, I figured why not? I’d painted in Photoshop, so how hard could putting a few photos together be?
Let me tell you, that first cover took DAYS of non-stop work to do. I had to learn what a mask was, how to use it and just how important lighting was and where to place it on the model as well as the background and anything else I put on the cover.
I started doing most of my self-published covers after that. I showed them around last year when I made the covers for my All He Desires series and was immediately told I should offer my services to authors. I thought long and hard about it, then early this year, I bought a stock subscription, designed a few pre-made covers and, they sold. And they keep selling.
So now, like it or not, I’m hooked. I’m designing even more now, and loving every minute of it.
How can readers connect with you? Do you have a blog?
I have a main website, a blog and Facebook. I have Twitter as well, but I don’t really post much on there.

What’s your current book list and where can we buy them?
I have way too many books to list! You can see a full listing of books on my website: http://erinlark.com/books.html
Most of the titles can be found on Amazon, All Romance, Barnes & Noble and sometimes on Kobo and iTunes.


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