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Sara York has taken over my blog!

Happy Weekend, everyone. Today, the lovely Sara York is taking over my blog to talk about her latest release.

I want to thank Sue for having me today. It’s an honor to be on her blog. Last fall my writing turned dark, as in thrillers and mystery. I began work on Not That Type of Guy, a dark thriller that ask the question of what would you do if your lover ripped apart the very foundation of what you believed.

You may think you know someone, share the most intimate encounters with them, then find out what you assumed about them wasn’t the whole truth. It seems like everything is going well with their relationship until disaster strikes.

Then Torn to Shreds came to me in a flash, demanding that I write Lucas’s story. Lucas is young, sweet and innocent—that is until he’s abducted. Lucas is at the end of his rope, ready to end it all. Brett is pissed that Amos, his biggest enemy, asks for help, but since it’s really for Lucas he can’t turn down that request.

Torn To Shreds was the story that had to be told, forcing me to write past exhaustion. I hope you enjoy both of these stories and their dark tales.

Blurb for Not That Type of Guy
When CIA assassin Aiden Johnson is trapped between a bathroom wall and a hard man, he chooses the hard man, much to his surprise. Aiden doesn’t want to admit he’s gay, but his first stumble into man love leaves him disoriented, searching for answers and desperate to find the truth. He covers his real desires by dating an ultra hot girl, but it’s the guy sitting a few tables away that draws his attention.

Super nice and attractive Doctor Trace Williams is so special he seems like an angel to Aiden. Their first kiss blows Aiden away. That Trace sees into his soul, even when Aiden is trying to hide everything, pisses him off. Aiden needs Trace in his life, but once Trace finds out the truth about Aiden’s job, will they have any part of their relationship left?

Blurb for Torn To Shreds
When Lucas Spires goes missing his brother, Amos, turns to Brett Hutchings, an ex Marine, kicked out for being gay. After Amos betrayed him, forced him out of Lucas’s life and ended his career, Brett vowed to never to never to speak with, much less help Amos, until the end of eternity. But Brett can’t deny his need to save Lucas, the one guy he’s never been able to get out of his system, even if it means working for Amos.

The trail is cold, with Lucas missing for more than a month. The cops are clueless, unable to find even a hint that the young man was abducted instead of just wandering away. When Brett latches onto a trace of evidence, it looks like he’ll find Lucas, but the clue doesn’t pan out the way he thinks it should.

Lucas can’t take the abuse any longer. He’s at the end of his chain, literally. If he could escape into the mountains, he would, but the sick bastard attached a manacle to his leg, exerting his control physically. Lucas is desperate to escape his captor; all hope has vanished, crushing his spirit. Lucas dreams of a savior, but Brett walked away a long time ago, and he’s the only man strong enough to save Lucas.

Torn To Shreds releases on March 15th.

Excerpt for Not That Type of Guy

The debriefing went smoothly. Aiden didn’t say anything about the sex. He thought he was totally home free when Wayne, one of the analysts, looked him in the eyes and frowned.
“In Chuck’s report, he said you and he escaped the tail by going into the bathroom. What exactly did you do in the bathroom?”
Aiden’s stomach turned. They were asking him the impossible. If he and Chuck didn’t answer the questions in a similar manner they were both screwed. This type of operation called for total transparency, no one lied on the team. You lie, you die. Sure, they lied to everyone on the outside from congress to the president, but in this room, truth was the only option.
When you worked with the types of stress he and his team lived with on a daily basis, you had to trust everyone on your team. Liars could kill a mission, exposing everyone to harm or even death. He’d never lied before, but he would today just to save his ass.
“I walked in and entered the stall, unzipped my pants and did my best to sound like I was using the bathroom.”
Wayne shot him a quizzical look. “The tail believed it?”
“Must have,” Aiden said.
Wayne didn’t look like he believed him. This was going to shit real fast. Aiden wouldn’t tell the team about the best fucking blowjob he’d ever received. Couldn’t tell them. Fuck, it wasn’t any of their business. He didn’t understand what had happened. That was a lie; he knew exactly what had happened to him. Those moments when he was in high school playing sports, and he’d felt something brewing in his cock while watching the guys running around the locker room naked, he’d known. He’d always passed it off as the excitement of playing the game or some other excuse, but the truth haunted him.
He’d grown up in a very conservative household. Guys didn’t like guys. It was impossible for him to like a guy because he wasn’t gay. His father drilled the idea into him daily, especially after the calendar incident. No way could he ever be gay. Gay was wrong. His father and brothers hammered it into his head every chance they got. Any feelings he’d had for guys weren’t real, just figments of his imagination, and if he kept telling himself the way it was supposed to be, according to his father, he could overcome this small issue. Liar, Liar.
“Let me see.” Wayne slid his chair over to the computer and camped out for a few minutes.
“What are you doing?” Carol asked as she hung her head over Wayne’s shoulder. “If the guy said he was taking a crapper, then he was.”
“Just looking,” Wayne said.
The seconds stretched into minutes as Wayne pored over reports. At one point he picked up his headphones and listened to an audio file. His face remained impassive, just like a CIA trained agent should be.
“Ahh, I’ve got it.” Wayne jumped up, the smile triumphant on his face.
The world tilted and Aiden wondered what Chuck had said. He had no idea where Chuck lived--Europe, Asia or even the US. They must have already conducted the interviews with him, and Wayne found the part about the bathroom.
“Chuck said the same thing,” Wayne said.
“God, Wayne, you’re being ridiculous. What the hell else do you think our guys were doing in there? They're professionals, and they don’t lie about their activities,” Carol growled.
Wayne shot her a look, and Aiden tensed again. This wasn’t good. The team blew off steam every debriefing session, but this was worse than normal. He didn’t like the tone in Carol’s voice.
“Damn it, Carol, I know we can trust our team, but I had to check. It’s strange that the tail would accept they were taking a crap. Aiden, was the tail on the train?”
“From what I could tell, no. He stayed behind at the station. Sharif was traveling with only three other men.”
“Good, good. Next I want to hear about the poison delivery. You weren’t supposed to trip against him.”
Relief washed over Aiden. Any chance of them guessing about his gay moment disappeared as they got back into evaluating his performance and hashing out exactly what happened during the mission. Improvements were suggested, and everyone agreed he and Chuck worked well together.
The mention of Chuck’s name brought heat to Aiden’s crotch. He didn’t want to see Chuck again. Didn’t want to have thoughts about men. The thoughts of men touching him, invading his body and sucking him dry had him worried about his future. No way would he give into this crazy temptation. Jessica hadn’t been right for him. Sure she was glamorous and beautiful, but she was rather aggressive. Maybe he’d call Sue. She was as docile as a kitten with low ambition outside the bedroom.

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