Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Sunday Snog

One of my fellow TEB authors, Victoria Blisse, has a nifty little thing on her blog. It's called Sunday Snog.

I love a good snog, me. If you love a bit of snoggage, check out Victoria's blog. There'll be links to other blogs with other snogs.

I'm posting mine below. It's from my WIP 'Mourning Jack', which is very much a Work in (slow) Progress. Bear in mind it's a first draft and is probably plagued with excess commas and the occasional pesky independent body part.

Have a read and don't forget to check out Victoria's blog for more snoggage. :D

Have a great Sunday. I'm doing the full Sunday dinner today and may well do other domesticky things if I can tear myself away from the laptop.


The late spring breeze shifted through the curtains, bringing the scent of flowers into the shadowy room. Supper simmered on the stove and there was nothing left to do but enjoy the peace and quiet.

“I’d forgotten what you looked like in jeans.” Cal grinned and set his beer down. “You look bloody good.”

“Thank you.”

He ran his hand along my thigh and left it on my knee.

I bit my lip. We’d slept apart for four weeks and I hated the empty nights even more than the temptation and longing. I’d missed his touch so much so that it was impossible to ignore the electricity.

“I’ve missed you.” Cal’s voice was a whisper.

“Same here.” I covered his hand with mine and couldn’t pull away when he leaned forward and kissed me.


“No guilt, no remorse.” He moved closer. “Don’t worry.”

He tasted of hops and summer. His lips were soft and hot little breaths met mine.

“Are you sure?” I slid my hands beneath his tee-shirt, seeking the heat of his skin.

“Oh yes.” He slid to the floor and crept between my legs.


“Hush.” Cal crept forward and ran his palm with agonising slowness across my flies. He reached up and pulled my head down to his. “I need you, Ade.”

“Why now?” I could scarcely speak, let alone breathe.

He gently eased the zip down and slipped his hand beneath my shorts. “Because seeing you in jeans makes me want to see you without them.”

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