Monday, December 13, 2010

Being Human - Thanks for kicking this writer.

By a route too tortuous to mention, I stumbled on 'Being Human' a few months ago. I'd heard about it on the 'net but, because I was living in the US at the time, I didn't really think I'd have a chance to watch it. My lap top can't handle video streaming without overheating and I didn't want to watch the programme in ten minute snippets on a certain video sharing web site. So I resigned myself to saving up the pennies to buying the DVDs. Then BBCAmerica decided to show the first series. I watched all 6 episodes of the first series in a one day marathon and I was hooked.

All right, I have to confess, the initial attraction was the delicious Aidan Turner. I mean, really, how can any female with a pulse resist those eyes, framed by those birds-wing eyebrows?


Where was I?

Oh, yes...the programme.


The premise of a werewolf, vampire and ghost sharing digs in an ordinary terraced house in Bristol is a clever one and a tough one to pull off with any kind of credibility but full marks to Toby Whithouse and the cast for making it work so splendidly. BH is a compelling combination of brilliant writing and top class acting. The story carries humor, pathos, tragedy, darkness and light with no effort at all. There are moments that made me cry, moments that had me giggling helplessly and moments where all I could do was stare, open-mouthed, at the screen. I can't remember the last time a television programme has done that to me. It's also rare for something I've watched to linger with me long after the closing credits have rolled.

Apart from the main characters, the others who come into their lives leave their mark. The supporting cast are equally memorable and there are incredible turns from Paul Rhys as the ancient vampire, Ivan, Donald Sumpter as Kemp and Adrian Lester's Herrick. The on-screen chemistry between Lester and Turner crackles and sizzles - the first season is worth watching for that partnership alone.

Being Human is that rarity, a bright gem hidden away on a satellite channel. it deserves far more exposure than it currently receives and the prospect of an American remake has me reaching for the bucket. It's a story that doesn't need schmaltz, touchy-feely introspection or santitizing. It packs enough emotional punch as it is.

So, why did I revive my cobwebby old blog to bore you all with my thoughts on a television series?

Because it is so bloody good that when I finish watching an episode I want to hide myself away and write the best stuff that I can. Inspiration has been hard to find for me these past few months. Being Human has kick started my writer's brain again and, for that, I am truly thankful.

Roll on Season Three.


  1. I approve most mightily, as you well know.

    One scene made me cry and it wasn't even one featuring the smextacular Aidan so that shows how good the writing is, if it can wring some tears out of this cold, black-hearted woman.

    Only seen two episodes so far as my blood pressure couldn't take too much of AT in the one go, but well done you for your Aidan Turner Binge-a-Thon. Braver than me, all right!

    So yeah. Roll on Season 3, which starts in January, does it not? So I'll have to spend the rest of this month watching the rest of my box set.

    Oh, what a trial...

  2. I've only caught part of one episode, so I'll have to trust your judgement on the series' merits, but woot for you writing again!

  3. Yay, Sue, it's all coming together for you like a jigsaw puzzle. So glad that you're finding inspiration to write again.

  4. Mmm, I need to find this program! Especially if it has inspired you to write again--I'm really so glad to hear that. :) You used to be a writing demon (which inspired the rest of us!) -- so I think you just needed some time to get recharged. Sounds like you're raring to go.

  5. From the premise of the show, I am skeptical, but I'll trust you when you say it's good.

  6. What an awesome blog about Being Human. This show is phenomenal! LOVE IT. Horrified that our Peter has thieved Aidan for Kili and Season 4 is so far unconfirmed and Mitchell may have to be recast/written out. Please no! :|

  7. ha. Webwhore! Thanks for stopping by all the way from NZ! If you find Aidan can you put him in a crate and ship him back here please? :D

    I may well post another blog about BH after the last episode next Sunday. Episode 7 was a corker!