Friday, April 9, 2010

What's a writer to do? Answers on a post card please.

Allrighty then.

The Post-Beta revisions to Christopher's Medal are done and it's gone back out to Betas. So, nothing to do there until I hear back.

Stolen Summer (Contemporary Fiction) is languishing on the back burner, following Beta reads, and awaiting revision;
Viking story (Women's/historical)- The Man in the Reeds - is waiting to be continued.
Through the Mist (Women's/historical WW2) is also awaiting revision prior to going out to Betas
Empty Places (Women's dystopian), the NaNo novel, is languishing on the back burner, awaiting revisions.
Shiny new idea (Women's fiction - horse racing in UK again) still percolating.

So...what is a writer to do?

I haven't a frigging clue. If I knew how to add a poll, I would.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have to do something, I just don't know what.

All suggestions gratefully accepted.


  1. I vote Viking--it's different. I haven't seen anything with Vikings on the shelves, either.

  2. I suggest you take a vacation! LOL You've been writing like a fiend, so maybe you should take a little breather.

    Which one do you think is the closest to being "done"? That might be the one I'd suggest. If it's one you want to query, etc.

  3. Ahh, maybe read a good book? You deserve it.

  4. If you're in the mood to write, which you genuinely seem to be, which one calls to you the most? I'd go where the energy is.

    If they all hold equivalent position in your heart, I'd go with the Viking one. That's based on my admittedly flawed understanding of the market right now. Dystopian is supposedly a hard sell and you already know how hard the WW2 is to pitch. For what it's worth...

  5. Yep, voting Viking too, all things being equal.

  6. Are any in particular pulling you? Or, like Lily said, which one is closest to being done?

  7. Well, you know how good I am with making my own decisions about what to work on, but...

    If they are all pulling at you equally, I say focus on whichever seems the most commercial. The viking one sounds most exciting to me, and you know WW2 can be a tough sell. Not sure how dystopian is doing outside of the YA market. So viking gets my vote. ;-)