Monday, April 20, 2009

Give me a break, people!

There seems to have been a lot of heated complaints by disgruntled, wannabe writers over the last few weeks. Their heart-rending screeds are scattered all over the blogosphere. I have read many of them with my tongue wedged firmly between my teeth because most of these bloggers are so convinced that they are Wronged, that there's no point in telling them otherwise. I've only been querying since the end of January and haven't met with much joy. Yes, it can be dispiriting and depressing when I get served a rejection e-mail with my morning coffee, especially on the weekend (please, Mr or Ms Agent, save the bad news for Mondays, where it belongs) but you won't see me railing against the cruelty of the publishing industry on this blog (not yet, anyway). If I've learned anything in these past few months it's that it isn't worth getting my knickers in a twist about rejections. If I crumpled like some of these sensitive little souls every time I received a rejection, I'd be in a padded cell by now, writing my stories with crayons. I also can't help but think that if the sour grapes brigade spent as much time polishing their manuscripts and their queries as they do whining about the lack of appreciation for their masterpieces, they may get further than the Pit of Doom and Misery.

Yes, I know, I know, what I've written is nothing new but, hey, it's Monday, I'm dawdling over a love scene and I felt like having a rant here, rather than flaming on other peoples' blogs. Normal service will resume tomorrow if I can find something good to post for Teaser Tuesday.

Peace out.

Now, where did I put those crayons?


  1. Too right.

    These writers seem to be forgetting that they aren't the only ones getting rejections. Successful writers also have miles of rejections behind them. EVERYONE gets them. Good lord, get over it and move on. The more time you spend whining about them, the less time you have writing and actually trying to get published.

    While having an opinion is very important, it's another thing to go on a public tirade insulting people you're trying to impress.

  2. I've read the same stuff out in blog land, the ranting, disgruntled writers at their worst, and I agree with you. I sincerely hope I never get that jaded. There is a sense of entitlement that baffles me, truly. Great post.

  3. BINGO.

    Some of these fragile snowflakes need a good hard boot in the arse. And bitching to the Cruel, Cruel World on their blogs as so many have of late...well, I suppose they just gave themselves one.

    Nice symmetry, that. :D